The Brand 

Away from pure white and towards delicate colour accents´. Dajana Basic London is a trendsetting new bridal wear label specialising in eye-catching and elegant dresses for young, modern brides. Reinventing classical white wedding dresses by adding subtle pastel shades and transformability, Dajana Basic’s signature gowns represent a fresh era in the bridal wear industry.

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The Production

Created by highly-skilled seamstresses using only the finest fabrics of soft tulle, lace and organza, each dress is uncompromisingly detailed, carefully tailored and exquisitely feminine. Original embellishments such as shimmering coloured pearls, gently tinted silks and delicately coloured lace adorn each dress to create a striking signature identity.


The Launch

Dajana Basic London celebrated its official launch in September 2013 with a glamorous catwalk event in London. The innovate brand has captured the attention of numerous journalists and bloggers and has featured in Bridal Buyer, You & Your Wedding Magazine, Attire Bridal, Focus Magazine, Your London Wedding Magazine, The Upcoming, 5 Star Wedding Magazine and other publications.


Our Values 

The brand is about being more considerate, feminine and providing brides to be with a ready to wear alternative to bridal gowns that still feel bespoke yet are economical from a price perspective. The core inspiration is giving customers the freedom to “mix and match” their favourite elements from our collection to create their final wedding look whilst also offering a fully bespoke service upon inquiry.

Dedication, friendship and creativity is what has driven the success of our brand. All this would not have been possible without an amazing team of creative professionals. Each one of them has contributed to the success of Dajana Basic London in ways I cannot even describe. I am truly grateful for all their hard work, support and enthusiasm from our very first launch to date.
— Love, Dajana